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Size Tables

Size Tables


All products with different size options have their own size chart. You can find the size chart when viewing the product.
With years of experience, we have noticed that the sizes between manufacturers can differ from each other. For example, size S with one manufacturer might be the same as size M with another manufacturer.
For this reason, in some of the size charts we have added a column called “in our opinion equivalent to size…”. It tells the size we think is better fit according to normal sizes.
When you order online it is a good idea to leave info for example of the length of your foot or your usual shoe size. This way we can make sure we send you well-fitting products.
Here are some tips related to sizes.


Some shoes are sold with EU sizing, some with UK sizing and some with US sizing. This is always reported with the product (for example 5 UK). If there is not any marking, the product has EU sizing.
We also attempt to report if the width of the product is narrow or wide. Note that there are different sizes for male and female in UK and US sizing.
Speeding up the processing of your order, let us know the length of your foot in centimetres. Primarily we ship shoes according to the length of the foot.
Also let us know your usual shoe size.
You can always return and change products with wrong sizes for free.
Here is a shoe size conversion chart we have put together. Also remember that every product has their own size chart.


  1. Stand on a paper with bare feet, legs together and with a straight back.
  2. Ask other person to draw lines of your bigger foot on the paper:
  3. keep the pen perpendicular to the paper (see the picture down below)
  4. Measure your foot from the drawing (see the picture down below) and write the length in centimetres to the “additional information” box while ordering online

Note that usually your feet are not exactly the same size with each other.
Shoes should be bought to fit the bigger foot.